Can you upload onto another file host?

This is one of the most common asked question but unfortunately the answer is no. The current free host that ZASSHIKO use is Depositfiles. We have a premium account there which will ensure that download links will not be deleted. Due to this reason we will not upload to any other file hosts

Can I please request {magazine issue}?

Unfortunately, ZASSHIKO do not currently accept requests as this is a timely process. Emails and post regarding this matter will be ignored.

How do I download the files?

Underneath each magazine cover you will see the name of the magazine and date the issue is released (e.g. vivi - 1206). Hover over this and a box will appear containing download links for free users and donators.

What is the password to extract a file?

New uploads will not require a password for extraction, however older magazines might. Please type z@sshik0 if asked.

"File not found/deleted" What does this mean?

This is an indication that the file has not been accessed for a certain period of time and has been removed. ZASSHIKO will not be re-uploading file for free users as this is quite a demanding and time consuming process. However, donator links are always alive and active.

"Sharing functionality on {host} is now disabled" What does this mean?

In January 2012, the US Justice Department cracked down on popular file sharing service provider Megaupload, shutting down the company's website for copyright infringement. Many similar hosting sites were affected by this and limited their services, including filesonic and fileserve, which were ZASSHIKO's main fileservers. Therefore, older magazine uploaded to these sites can only be assessed by the uploaded (me). I will be re-uploading these magazines to another file host, however this will take time. Please do not ask for the username and password of my filesonic/ fileserve account. I will not give it to you!

"File corrupted" What does this mean?

90% of the time it has nothing to do with the file itself. Often, it is due to a connection problem (from the file host or your own internet connection) during the downloading of the magazine. There may have been some sort of interruption during the transfer and as a result, the file is damaged. In this situation, please re-download the entire file (try again at a later/different time) and extract it again. It is also recommended that you check your internet connection to ensure that you're able to connect to the file host's website smoothly. Also, check if you have the latest version of Winzip/WinRAR extraction software installed on your computer to enable proper extraction of files.

What is "Privilege for Donators"

Every so often, I receive a donation to help keep ZASSHIKO alive (as maintenance and hosting costs a lot!). I've always wanted to show some gratitude towards these generous people and thus I created a section where donators are able to access magazines quickly and easily directly from my own server. Unfortunately due to financial reasons, I am not able to sustain this privilege forever, thus it account activity is limited to periods of 4 months or 1 year, depending on donated value.

I've donated, what now?

I will give you your personal login details needed to access download links though an email. Usually this is done within 24 hours but may take up to 48 hours depending on my workload.

Where do I enter my username and password?

When hovering on the name of a magazine, a box should appear. Click on 'Privilege for donators' and it should ask for a username and password. Once entered, the magazine should automatically start to download. Please note that this privilege is only available for magazines which came out after January 2012. This function will be made available for earlier magazine at a later date.

Where can I purchase a physical copy of {magazine}?

A plethora of Japanese magazines can be found by searching the title of the magazines on search engines such as Google. Online shops such as Amazon Japan, CDJapan and YesAsia readily stock Japanese magazines and ships internationally.