Welcome to ZASSHIKO, a site dedicated to magazines from Japan. Whether its fashion, music, anime or crafts, we will have something for everyone. Through these magazines we wish that the wonderful fashion and lifestyle of the Japanese may be spread across the world and that it will serve as an inspiration for any hidden creativity.

While it may be difficult to purchase these magazine from outside Japan, I encourage you to buy hardcopies whenever possible to show your support for this industry.

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A little change

Posted on 2012-12-20

Some of you might have noticed that a password is no longer required to extract newly uploaded magazine. This is because a handful of visitors had troubles with file extraction. Since I don't think it made much difference, I decided to remove it all together. Hopefully this will make things easier for you too.
May I take this opportunity to remind you that re-uploading these magazines to other hosting site is not allowed, if you like to share something you can use the links that I provide (it also helps to keep them alive for longer), just remember to have a link back to Zasshiko. Well with that said, enjoy and keep reading.

Freebie: Coach all-purpose case

Posted on 2012-09-25

October 2012 issue of Sweet has a very nice freebie that comes along with the magazine. I always like to buy magazines that include gifts and since this one is quite nice I thought I'll share it all with you.

This month's gift is a Coach all-purpose case in carnelian red. The case is made out of PVC and has silver inside. It has lots of slots and a zipper pocket to store all your bits and bobs. It comes with a notebook containing patterned paper (50 pages) and labels (30 pieces). There is also a little place to store a pen, perfect if you need to quickly scribble down something. This issue of sweet can be purchased at cdjapan.

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